New age economic models based on simple principles of sharing are democratizing how goods and services are being produced, consumed, governed, and social problems are being solved. The power of this sharing economy has the potential to solve some of the world's biggest problems such as poverty and global warming, and hence warrants to be studied and researched. IVOTE is an Institute For Sharing.

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iVOTE’s research wing takes up the conduct of surveys and research studies to collect and collate data on Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Industry and make these research reports available to the Industry stake holders.


iVOTE’s educational wing has structured a variety of timeshare training programmes. Participants are extended an opportunity to earn designations and certifications, hone essential skills, and expand industry knowledge.


iVOTE’s advisory wing offers advice and information to clients contemplating business decisions in the timeshare, fractional and whole ownership sector, to include, product development, building of organization and extending management services.

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